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Has anyone seen the actual press release describing the negative effects of  
tryptophan.  I would really appreciate it if anyone knowing the actual source  
of the research and evidence could direct me.  

I own a health">food store (yes, snicker if you must), and I think it's quite a  
shame we have to chase vague newspaper stories and TV reports to find  
information.  My phone book has no number for the FDA and I don't think that's  
where the information is coming from anyway.  Tryptophan has been used for many  
years as a natural relaxer.  I find it difficult to believe they are just now  
discovering problems with it.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Uucp: ...{gatech,ames,rutgers}!ncar!noao!asuvax!stjhmc!John.Harrer

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 07:29:00 GMT
I just heard a brief description of some of the symptoms this
morning on National Public Radio.

Evidently one thing that happens is an extremely elevated level of
one type of white {*filter*} cell. The usual symptoms are described
as severe muscle aches in all parts of the body, also fever, nausea and
difficulty breathing.

According to the report on the radio, they believe two people have
died from this. But they don't know yet whether the problem is the
tryptophan itself or some processing impurity. Evidently most
tryptophan used in the US is made in Japan.

Valerie Maslak

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 20:36:00 GMT
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