med school concerns 
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 med school concerns

I'd like to get opinions from anyone who knows anything about getting into med
school, concerning my situation. I am currently a bio major, with 2 minors
(French and Anthropology). I have a 3.1 average. I haven't taken the MCAT yet,
but tend to be good at standardized tests, so I'm optimistic about that. Last s
ummer I worked in a bio lab ( I recieved a fellowship to do research), and this
 summer I plan to try to work in another lab, hopefully at our medical center.
My problem, mainly, with my GPA is that first of all I tend to get Bs in my bio
 classes, resulting from everything else that I do, and secondly I am having to
 repeat my first organic class. I recieved a D in the first one, which I think
resulted from a major family crisis during that semester. I was traveling home
a lot, and my studying suffered. I really don't know how detrimental this was,
but I'm doing well in my current organic class. So, how are my chances?


Fri, 04 Apr 1997 01:47:50 GMT
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