USMLEHelp Books - Having troubles with Step 2 CS? 
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 USMLEHelp Books - Having troubles with Step 2 CS?

ISBN: 1424323002  - USMLEHelp Step 2 CS is the answer for you.  It's
fantastic.  I just took the USMLE Step 2 CS, and I passed it with this
little book.  It's 230 high-yield information, with about 40 full &
complete cases (yes, even with patient notes) and a lot more for you
to try.

Go on their website: for more information.  I've
seen them on Ebay and Amazon, but on their website, you get some free
stuff in the mail.

You can pay thru PayPal, credit card, etc....

People, this is truly a fantastic book.  I really like it, and I am
not just saying it.  Take a look at their preview to see what I mean.

Tue, 22 Sep 2009 01:52:10 GMT
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