Information on Prednisone as Leukemia Treatment 
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 Information on Prednisone as Leukemia Treatment

I would like some information on the use of Prednisone,
especially in relation to it's use as a treatment for leukemia, or
leukemia-like conditions.

Background: My Dad (age 75) was recently diagnosed as having a
pre-leukemic condition.  An original diagnosis of Acute Myeloid
Leukemia (AML) was retracted after repeated bone marrow tests.  All of
his {*filter*} levels were low: platelets, white {*filter*} count, and red {*filter*}
count (I don't have the numbers, though).  The bone marrow tests (2)
showed a large amount of fibrostic tissue, a characteristic of the M7
subtype of AML.  But apparently the lack of leukemic cells in the
{*filter*} made the doctors back off of this diagnosis.  Now they will only
say they see some "leukemia-like" cells, and he has a "pre-leukemic
condition", but not AML (or CML).  (I have been reading alot about
leukemia, and have never heard mention of this.  Most references say
that a leukemia diagnosis is relatively straightforward, and none
mentions a pre-leukemic condition, even when discussing the transition
from chronic to acute leukemia.)

He has been given platelets and {*filter*} transfusions as an outpatient,
going to the hospital once or twice a week to give or get {*filter*}.  He
has just begun a treatment plan of prednisone (a type of steroid,
yes?), 20mg tablets, three times daily.  How would prednizone help his
condition?  Does it stimulate {*filter*} production?  Bone marrow growth?
Chemotherapy is being considered as a next step, if he does not
respond to this treatment.

Any information you can provide will be appreciated (email preferred).

         Kathy Carusone                

    Lexington, MA 02173     |   (617) 981-5039

Mon, 17 Jul 1995 04:43:57 GMT
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