Needed Consulting Neurologist For Epilepsy Foundation Affiliate 
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 Needed Consulting Neurologist For Epilepsy Foundation Affiliate

My name is Paulette Motzko who is trying her best to support the many
people in our nation with epilepsy by acting as the Director of the
Orange County Epilepsy Foundation affiliate.
Epilepsy is such a complex disorder because there are so many variables
which can affect a person who suffers from it.
"Triggers", otherwise known as what makes a person susceptible to an
aura or seizure, are as varied and unpredictable as the people affected
by epilepsy iteself.  Oftentimes, it takes years to even remotely
predict what some of those triggers are.
So often {*filter*} don't work and cause many more problems than they ever
help.  Plus, in many cases, there are psychological implications from
just living with it, day to day.
I know firsthand about medicine overdoses accidentally prescribed by
doctors, I know about unpredicted side effects, the limitations caused
by having driving priveleges removed, social stigmas, no health
insurance coverage, and the other things I "accepted" when I wore my
first MedicAlert bracelet and took my first pills. I also know what the
word "intractable" means, and I know that to some extent, all people
with epilepsy are intractable to a certain small degree.  The pills
just can't do everything, and that's when kind doctors with integrity
merge with a non profit organization, and make miracles happen.
What I don't know is EVERYTHING!  I'm making a plea to any doctor out
there, be it neurologist or epileptologist, who would CONSULT with me
from time to time.  It would be comforting to get some quick
information when I needed it.  I would try and return the favor somehow
if I was able.
Thank you.
Paulette Motzko
(800) 509-3131
(714) 899-9903

Fri, 14 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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