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        I am a cadet currently at The United States Air Force Academy and
was wondering why I have constant nose bleeds after eating salty foods? I am
an intercolligate athlete and studing to be an Air Force Doctor. I often
partake in all-nighters in which I do some heavy snacking on junk foods with
a high sodium content. Realize that I am not out of shape...I currently
weigh 135 lbs, am 5'8", and have 5 1/2 percent body fat.

        Is it the sodium raising my {*filter*} pressure?

        Or is it just the altitude?

        Any information from the docs out there would be greatly
appreciated since I have to be tested in an altitude chamber soon for high
speed, high altitude jet rides.

                                                C3C Holder
                                                   U.S. Air Force Academy

Sat, 31 Aug 1996 12:56:09 GMT
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