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Every so often a discussion flares up on the net on the merits (or lack
thereof) of circumcision, and especially on its effect on a man's
{*filter*} pleasure.  Those circumcised men who feel they were seriously
cheated in being deprived of their foreskins may be interested in an
article in the latest (November 21) issue of The Advocate on foreskin

Basically, the article describes a plausible-sounding technique for
restoring the functionality of a foreskin by stretching the skin of the
{*filter*}.  It is promoted by a doctor named Mark Waring who documented
the techniques in a 64-page booklet called Foreskin Restoration
(Uncircumcision), available from (hope it's okay to post this):

        Second Skin Books
        521 Rue St. Philip
        New Orleans, LA  70116

for $14.95 plus $1.25 postage and handling.  Supposedly a new, bigger,
illustrated publication on the same subject is due out next year.
Dr. Waring said he got the idea after seeing a program on an African
tribe whose members stretch their lips and earlobes.  

The technique supposedly takes about *three years* of continual effort
to achieve complete coverage of the glans, but if you feel seriously
handicapped by the lack of a foreskin, well, it might be worth putting
your money where ... uh ...

Disclaimer:  I know nothing more about this technique than I read in
the article.  Furthermore, I'm female and unlikely to be partaking in
any of this myself :-).  But it seems very pertinent to the recurring
discussions.  Get the article or the book for yourself (and monitor
these newsgroups)  for further information and debate!

- Susan

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 03:40:00 GMT
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