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 Alzheimer's disease Web site

A new site provides helpful information and coping strategies for family
members and caregivers dealing the sometimes overwhelming diagnosis of
Alzheimer's Disease.

The site, located at
was designed by Parke-Davis to complement its Alzheimer's FamilyCare(tm)
Program, a cost-free support servce that is available by phoning

The FamilyCare web site uses soft, elegant graphics and conversational
editorial to establish a soothing and gentle tone.  The site is divided
into four content areas:  Disease Information, Links to Related Sites,
a Guest Book, and Alzheimer's FamilyCare Program.

The web site and the FamilyCare Program are sponsored by Parke-Davis,  
makers of Cognex(R), a medicine used in mild-to-moderate cases of
Alzheimer's disease.  The medicine, cleared for use in September of
1993, has been shown to help some people function better with some
aspects of memory, attention, reasoning, language skills and the
ability to do simple tasks.

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