heart attacks and psychiatric drugs 
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 heart attacks and psychiatric drugs

1) Is 'coronary occlusion' medicalese for heart attack?

2) What is the drug 'Prolixin'?


Mon, 19 Apr 1993 11:18:00 GMT
 heart attacks and psychiatric drugs
Prolixin is the tradename for fluphenazine, one of the more potent
phenothiazine major tranquilizers.  One of its popular dosage forms
(with psychiatrists, anyway) is a depot injection of an insoluble
salt such as the enanthate or decanoate.  The drug is 'timed-released'
from the injection over a period of several weeks, obviating problems
of patient compliance, though there is much less control over dosage
when administered in this manner.  It's also available in {*filter*}dosage
Steve Dyer


Mon, 19 Apr 1993 23:13:00 GMT
 heart attacks and psychiatric drugs

Prolixin is used in the control of extreme verbosity.

As you see, my 5 mg daily dose has not completely relieved
my symptoms. :-)

(Please forgive me, I just couldn't resist !)

Bob Brown {...ihnp4!akgua!rjb}

This is what i think...WHO knows what the Corporate genii up Nawth think ??

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 13:01:00 GMT
 heart attacks and psychiatric drugs


>1) Is 'coronary occlusion' medicalese for heart attack?

"Occlude" mean to stop up or close. "Coronary occlusion" refers, then, to
a stoppage (or blockage, rather) of {*filter*} flow through the heart. Nice,
heavy-duty heart attack, yes.

>2) What is the drug 'Prolixin'?

Prolixin is an antipsyhotic drug, used in the treatment of psychosis. It is
one of the few antipsychotics that are primarily injected. The frequency of
side effects (especially stiffness and control of salivation) is relatively
high. One of the main reasons it has remained in use is that it is typically
injected in two-week intervals. This makes it very suitable for psychiatric
outpatients who might not reliably take daily {*filter*}medicine.

R.A. Morgan

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 01:45:00 GMT
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