Fibromyalgia - reply to Kim 
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 Fibromyalgia - reply to Kim

I tried mailing this several different ways, but it kept getting sent back.
It's in reply to Kim's posted article on trying to cope with Fibromyalgia
and some mail she sent me.


Thanks for replying.  It's nice to hear from someone else who understands
what this is like - it always sounds so vague when I try to explain it to

I've also picked up some "tricks" that help - the one that helped me most
is using bar stools all over my apartment so I can get things like ironing
or dishwashing done sitting down.  I'm not in as much pain as you are, I
can still make it shopping but if I start to hurt, I just sit down.  It
used to make me feel sorta stupid, but I no longer let it bother me.  After
all, I'm the one who has to deal with the pain.  I also sleep on a waterbed,
it's always nice and warm and helps me sleep at night.  On really bad nights,
Ben Gay used all over seems to help too.

I'm lucky that I live near my family who help out alot.  Although I do
feel strange asking my parents who are in their 60's to get things for
me, but there's not much I can do about it.  Work seems to be pretty
understanding - sometimes I suddenly take part of the day off and I
have had any problems with that.  I also impose on my friends, although
they seem to take the initiative in helping me most of the time now.

I'm going to see if I can get the book* you mentioned from the library.

I'd also like to know how your visit with the physiatrist goes, maybe I'll
try that next (the doctors I see all seem to get progressively older - I
guess it's time for some 70 year olds!).  I am currently seeing a rheum-
atologist who is connected with a good rehab center near here.  I like
him a lot, he seems to be pretty thorough, but I'll ask him about the thyroid
tests.  He may have done it already, after a half a million tests, I lost
interest in the next half million!

Take care and I hope you're feeling (relatively) better!


  The Trigger Point Manual (Vol I)
  Janet G. Travell, MD
  David G. Simons, MD

  c 1983 Williams and Wilkins
  428 E. Preston St.
  Baltimore, MD  21202

Tue, 04 May 1993 22:23:26 GMT
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