Chelation for heart. 
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 Chelation for heart.

Date: 29 May 95 07:35:10 EDT

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>>We are in the midst of balancing our provicial

deficit and unless a therapy is of proven benefit, it is not
likely to be added to the medicare plan<<

However, the idea is for chelation to be used instead of a much more costly
treatment--CABG and also instead of angioplasty, two costly treatments for which
no controlled trials have shown significant benefits for the majority of
patients who are subjected to them. The costs would be far less if they were
treated with chelation. (Aside from the fact that the mortality from bypass is
higher than the mortality from heart disease.)

I have many patients who have avoided bypass (or second bypasses) apparently
because of their chelation treatment. Perhaps you might think they did not need
bypass in the first place (my opinion, usually) but it had been recommended,
often with concurring second opinions. Avoiding it is one way to save a lot of
money and avoid a lot of risk.

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