Needed: horse or human skeleton computer model 
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 Needed: horse or human skeleton computer model

My apologies if you have seen this before.  I think my news program failed
to send it on my earilier tries.

I am looking for 3-dimensional scans or computer models of human or horse
skeletal or musculoskeletal systems.  I wish to make animations showing movement
for study or training in biomechanics.  Any type of data that can be used by a
CAD program or 3-D modeling program will serve.  As a programmer I can make
whatever conversions are necessary.  Such data combined with a program which
realistically articulates the joints would be perfect.

I'd be willing to purchase or barter for such a dataset.  I would be grateful
for any help in finding anything along these lines.


Wed, 18 Jun 1997 03:16:08 GMT
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