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 Post Polio Support Group Created: has just been created. If it is not available
at your site within the next few days ask your news administrator to
add it (write to the address news or usenet at your site or write to
the technical support people there). is an unmoderated newsgroup, discussed in
alt.config from 10/6/94 - 10/17/94. It received strong support.

A brief background about the nature of post-polio syndrome follows:

    Survivors of paralytic poliomyelitis have begun to suffer renewed
  neurological and neuromuscular symptoms decades after maximum recovery
  from the acute disease. Symptoms include a form of progressive
  muscular atrophy that involves new muscle weakness affecting certain
  muscle groups, pain, fatigue, and decreased physical endurance.
  Individuals who have fully recovered from the initial episode and
  those who still have residual effects are at risk. A number of terms
  have been proposed to describe these late effects including post-polio
  syndrome, post-polio motor neuron disease, and post-polio muscular

    Estimates of the number of survivors of paralytic poliomyelitis in
  the United States range to over 1.63 million. A 1984 epidemiological
  study performed by the Mayo Clinic found that 25 percent of survivors
  had renewed symptoms. A later follow-up of a sample of the original
  respondents showed that 66 percent were experiencing new weakness.

 This newsgroup would be for the discussion of current issues, trends
and treatments for people with post polio syndrome. This discussion would
include: selecting an appropriate physician, diagnosis of post-polio
syndrome, fatigue, exercise vs. non-exercise, mobility aids, pain
control, current research, future directions and other related concerns
of those with post-polio syndrome.

 This group would also provide a place for disseminating information
about post-polio syndrome to educate those interested. It should also
help to serve as a support group for discussion of experiences of those
individuals stricken with post-polio syndrome, allowing them to realize
that they are not alone in their suffering. Open discussion will allow
open communications for anyone who wishes to state their experiences and
share the knowledge of dealing and living with this condition.

 There are currently a number of fragmented post-polio support groups on
the various commercial online services such as Prodigy, AOL, CIS, etc.
As those services gain access to Usenet, this newsgroup would tie those
users together and allow for increased information sharing and networking.

 The name was chosen so that it would fit within the structure of the
already established groups as well as further define itself.


Sun, 06 Apr 1997 11:09:48 GMT
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