soft vs. gas permeable contact lenses 
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 soft vs. gas permeable contact lenses


>> The doctor gave me a pair of disposable soft lenses to try for a week.
>> I find they are not as comfortable as either the gas permeable lenses

>    !!!  Wow!  I can't even tell I'm wearing mine.  Are you sure you don't
>have a corneal tear or abrasion?

I had the same problem with the disposables.  The reason, for me,
was because they only come in one diameter.  That diameter is considerably
larger than I can handle comfortably (guess I have small eyes), so
I have to stick with regular softs.



Neil Williams

Sat, 30 Jul 1994 13:12:17 GMT
 soft vs. gas permeable contact lenses
I will be returning to the eye doctor next week and need to make a
decision about whether to get soft or gas permeable contact lenses.
And if I decide to go with soft lenses, disposable or not.  I would
appreciate opinions as to the pros and cons of each, including such
points as safety, vision improvement, cost, etc.

I have worn both types, and don't find much difference in comfort,
once I get used to the gas permeable ones.  I tried gas permeable
last time (about 1-1/2 years ago) because I thought they would last
much longer than the soft; long enough to compensate for the higher
cost.  But last week one of the lenses broke in half.  The nurse told
me that was not uncommon.

Some things I have considered are:
- soft lenses are less expensive (especially if you order them via
  mail order)
- hard lenses cannot be ordered via mail order due to the "fitting"
  required (is this true?)
- hard lenses are **supposed to** last longer
- hard lenses take longer to get used to till they become comfortable
- hard lenses are much less comfortable on windy, dusty days
- soft lenses tend to fog up when not blinking enough (i.e. while
  stareing at a CRT)
- soft lenses can absorb fumes and become uncomfortable in certain
- soft lenses require more careful handling
- hard lenses can slow down changes in perscription by "molding" the
  cornea (is this true?) [when I was wearing soft lenses (many years)
  it seemed my perscription changed a bit every year; it has not changed
  over the last 1-1/2 year of wearing gas permeable lenses]

The doctor gave me a pair of disposable soft lenses to try for a week.
I find they are not as comfortable as either the gas permeable lenses
I was wearing, or my old soft lenses that I wore for a week after one
of the hard lenses broke.  They are thinner, newer and cleaner than my
old soft lenses (which have seen about a year of use).  I find this
very strange.

Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, etc.


Wed, 27 Jul 1994 05:31:14 GMT
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