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Subject: Doctor spared jail time for OHIP, lover scheme
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 08:38:09 -0400

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Canadians - ask for your medical billing records, on a regular basis

For Ontariens:

If you want to ensure that no physician, lab etc (or anyone involved in
your health care) has over-billed under your health #, you may request a
printout of your healthcare usage, for the past seven years by
contacting and writing to:
(see Ministry of Health - in your telephone book)

Quote (in writing) your new and old OHIP number(s), including your
current address and request that the printout(s) include: date,
test/treatment/diagnosis completed, place of testing/treatment and
amount billed to OHIP. (For some assinine reason, these can only be
provided on 4 separate lists that you must cross-reference yourself).
This will also allow you to verify that no one else received care
illegally under your OHIP number.  In order to do so, OHIP must first
receive a (separate) letter from you, updating your personal
information. (see next paragraph)

It is every person's responsibility to make sure that the Ministry of
Health has your current address.  Just because your current address
shows up on computer at hospitals, labs and physician's offices, they do
NOT apparently share the same database (with each other, nor with
OHIP).  Write to your local Ministry of Health to make sure that you are
correctly registered with OHIP.



Thursday, June 14, 2001
Doctor spared jail time for OHIP, lover scheme


TORONTO -- A contrite and apologetic family doctor won't have to spend
time behind bars despite bilking Ontario's health plan out of almost $1
million to please his globe-trotting former lover.

Michael Bogart was sentenced yesterday to two years less a day in jail
after pleading guilty last year to billing the Ontario Health Insurance
Plan for $923,780 over six years for services he never provided.

But Superior Court Justice Peter Grossi made it a conditional sentence,
saying no good would come of locking up a "gifted" doctor whose
continued practice may be instrumental to the survival of his patients.

"I cannot see how society would benefit from your incarceration," Grossi
told Bogart. "Indeed, there is a possibility that some would suffer. You
should serve this sentence in the community."

Bogart must also spend three years on probation, do community service
and pay back the balance of the money -- nearly $200,000 has already
been repaid -- within 10 years.

Bogart, who specialized in treating patients with AIDS, claimed he
overbilled because he was trying to please a former male lover who
demanded he take him on luxury trips around the world. Bogart testified
he was afraid of partner John Allan and gave in to the man's demands.

Between 1990 and 1996 the couple travelled extensively, staying in four-
and five-star hotels around the world as many as nine times a year. The
trips were financed with false OHIP claims.

Bogart also faces a College of Physicians and Surgeons disciplinary
hearing today.

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