Cystic fibrosis 
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 Cystic fibrosis

My cousin's three children all have cystic fibrosis. The oldest one is
8 or 9 years, the youngest one about 3 years. She had to go with all
of the children to the hospital quite frequently. Especially the second
child had repeatedly fungal infections of the lungs, so that the
doctors already wanted to remove a part of the lung. My cousin is of
course quite desparate.

Now I read recently in a paper that there are attempts to develop a genetic
treatment for this desease which is aimed at supplying the cells in the lungs
with the missing gene which is required for their proper operation.

Could someone point out the current status of this development?

Manfred Kremer

Sat, 29 Jul 1995 02:02:29 GMT
 Cystic fibrosis

 I believe clinical trials are now taking place.
 In 1990, a Dr. James Wilson of the University of Micigan and his colleagues
 were one of two research groups to correct the gene causing CF.
 During the clinical trials, corrected CF genes will de delivered to patients
 via genetically engineered adenoviruses which will serve as carriers or
 For these patients participating in the trials, the corrected gene will be
 lavaged into the lung. Baseline tissue samples will be gathered via a
 bronchoscopy prior to the procedure.

Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:37:49 GMT
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