Beijing-Help on diagnosis for coma patient please 
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 Beijing-Help on diagnosis for coma patient please

I am posting this call for assistance from Beijing per the originator's
request.  Please reply directly to him/her at the e-mail address at the
end of the message.

peking medical mystery

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 8:07:29 PST

      I am every appreciated for all yours helps for my freind Zhu Ling
,Thanks all of yours advices . The Chinese Doctors have had a conclusion
 that the diseases is NOT Heavy  Metal poisions and Lyme. Here is the
Abstract of Case History.I think IT will give some useful informations for
you .please Foreword IT to your freinds  

                       Abstract of Case History(Medical Record)
     Patient Zhu Ling is female, 21 years old. She was born in Beijing.
In March 15th 1995, she hospitalized as she had trichomadesis, and
felt abdominal pain, joints and muscles aching pain for more than
three months; pain in digital portion of both lower limbs for seven
days and dizzy for three days. Since Dec. 8th. 1994(more than 3
months before this hospitalization)she felt abdominal pain that was
sustained and light with episodic griping pain and without any
inducing cause. In Dec. 23rd 1994 she hospitalized another hospital
to be accepted series of examinations and treatments. All results of
ANA, ENA, dsDNA, Ig, protein electrophoresis, T3, T4, TSH were
normal. The radiogram of spenoid saddle, CT of adrenal glands, B-
Ultrasonic examination of abdomen and pelvix, and radiogram of
bone marrow were normal. There was no abnormal result in routine
chemical tests. There were severe abnormal signs in microcirculation
of nail folds. About one month later, trichomadesis was appeared to
the highest degree most obviously. She had been accepted nourished
and Chinese traditional treatments to make her symptoms, mentioned
above, were gradually alleviated. She was discharged from that
hospital without any determined diagnosis.

     In Mar. 7th she went to a doctor in our hospital, as she had felt
pain in digital portion of both limbs. It was showed that she had a
peripheral nerve pain by the physical examination. Three days later
she felt dizzy, objects rotation oculrogyric crisis, fidgety and
consciousness indistincted. Then she hospitalized our hospital in
Mar. 15th. 1995. Her {*filter*} pressure was 140/110 mm Hg. Both eyes
showed episodic turning upward, horizontal and vertical nystagmus
and {*filter*} incompleted. Bilateral {*filter*} paralysis, hypersensitive
pain in digital portions of four limbs, hypo tendon reflexes of both
lower limbs were found. Muscular force was IV degree. Hyper
sensitive skin trace response was showed.  After hospitalization CFS
showed normal in Mar. 15th. 1995, by lumbar puncture examination
Routine biochemical tests were normal. Any abnormal phenomenon
was not found with MRI of skull in Mar. 16th. EEG showed light
abnormal. Any obvious abnormal result was not found in EMG. The
disease progressed very rapidly. Spasms colonicus of both upper
limbs, consciousness transferred from fidgety to drowsy, tonic
episodes of both upper limbs and oculogyric crisis were appeared.
Since 5 days after hospitalization she has been in  coma with bulbar
paralysis and central respiratory failure. Tracheolaryngotomy was
operated to help her respiratory action by respirator. {*filter*}
examination showed anti-HIV(-), Lyme antibody IgG(-),IgM(+).
Urine as was normal by quantitative analysis. CFS pressure was
normal in Mar. 22, 1995. EEG was severe abnormal. ANA, ENA,
dsDNA, urine hepato-bilinogen(-). Since hospitalization
treatments(hydrocortisone IV, plasma replacement, anti infectious
and anti viral treatments)were given. Now, she is still in coma with
both eyes floating. and hypo tendon reflex as of four limbs. No
pathological sign was induced
                                Thanks for all yours help!

Address: 32# Room 134 Perking University,BeiJing, China

Sun, 28 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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