Meniere's Disease (Inner Ear Disorder) 
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 Meniere's Disease (Inner Ear Disorder)

I am interested in collecting people's experiences with Meniere's
Disease.  It is an inner ear problem whose symptoms are: episodes of
vertigo or dizziness ("spinning" sensation or unsteadiness), ear
pressure, ringing in the ear, and hearing loss.  The cause is
excessive endolymph fluid in the inner ear.

If you (or a family member or close friend) have Meniere's Disease or
you are an Ear Doctor and treat it, E-mail me your relevent
experiences.  (I have the symptoms and am curious about the different
treatments available) Use the following list as a guide if you like:

- accurately diagnosed - confusion with paralymph fistulas
- symptoms - how long, how often, how severe,
- treatment (lo salt, no caffeine, diuretics, stress management)
- sucess of treatment
- surgery options
- long term prognosis
- noteworthy doctors/researchers

Let me know if you would like to see a summary of responses, and if
any information should be considered private and not included in a

Finally, I welcome any suggestions for other news groups or mailing
lists where this posting might be more appropriate.

Thanks - Terry Gleason

Sun, 06 Nov 1994 22:17:30 GMT
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