Possible Infant Hearing Loss 
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 Possible Infant Hearing Loss

   I have some lovable but perhaps rather naive friends who intend
   to take a 4-week-old infant to a Grateful Dead concert. This show
   will be outdoors, and we will be seated approximately 200 feet away
   from the sound system, which is rated over 50,000 watts maximum power.
   I have been to this venue (Shoreline, Ca.) many times, and at that
   distance, depending on the band's whim, the sound can vary from a
   "loud conversation" level to thunderously uncomfortable.
   I am getting increasingly nervous about their plans to expose this
   virtual new-born to these sound levels. Could somebody with formal
   training please send some information regarding any positive dangers
   associated with this activity? Thanks.

Sun, 26 Sep 1993 06:05:34 GMT
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