Unproved vs. Disproved (was: Re: CHELATION THERAPY) 
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 Unproved vs. Disproved (was: Re: CHELATION THERAPY)


>Sure -- here's how:  (a) AMA MDs (some of them) confuse "unproven" with
>                                                       " disproven."
>                     (b) Phds (philosophy) generally do not.

I think you are ignoring environmental factors, which explain the differences
in philosophy you site.  Specifically, what happens when a treatment has
been known for 20 years, and has never been proven effective?  Technically,
this treatment is "unproven", but from a practical point of view it is

Philosophers (who are not faced with life and death questions) can afford
to take a theoretical outlook.  Doctors (who must treat real diseases in
real people) take a practical view: if a treatment has not been proven
effective in a reasonable amount of time, then it is not effective.  It
has been disproven.

Wed, 09 Dec 1992 03:25:01 GMT
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