LiCO3 for Cyclothymia? 
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 LiCO3 for Cyclothymia?

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 GK>In view of the long term studies, recent research seems to indicate
 GK>that it may not be the "wonder drug" of the manic-depressives.  Long
 GK>term, BP clients DO remit, even on maintenance doses of LiCO3.  In
 GK>light of this fact, as well as the relative toxicity of Lithium,
 GK>wouldn't the treatment choice for cyclothymia -- a more chronic, yet
 GK>less unwieldy form of BP illness -- tend toward the psychotherapeutic
 GK>end of the spectrum?  

Thank you for your remarks. As a laboratory doctor, I usually monitor and  
consult on Lithium therapies, but don't establish them - I just trim doses  and  
have a good observatory over medium-term toxic reactions (not that much,  
luckily).  I am not faced with therapeutical decision-making ({*filter*} vs.  
psycotherapy) and am not familiar with psicotherapy merits. So my arguments  
might be biased ("one who has but a hammer tends to see the problems in  form  
of nails"), although I'd guess LiCO3 would be far less expensive.




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