Question:Tetanus+drug addiction 
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 Question:Tetanus+drug addiction

: Can anybody answer from his own experience.  If you have a patient with
: tetanus and drug {*filter*}ion - when you relax him and put him on mechanical
: ventilation, are there possibilities of complications related to withdrawal.
: Suggestions for treatment?
Treatment could be placing patient on Cisatracurium drip (.9mcg/kg/min)for
muscle relaxation, and Propofol drip (25mcg/kg.min).  Ideally you would
monitor the muscle relaxation with a nerve stimulator, and the propofol
with a BIS monitor.  The sedative would control the withdrawal
symptoms of shaking, seizures, etc.    I would hope you were not
insinuating that you would merely paralyze the patient without adjunct

Tue, 04 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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