Osteo-Arthritis (specifically ankles: both) 
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 Osteo-Arthritis (specifically ankles: both)


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Fri, 20 Oct 1995 19:14:32 GMT
 Osteo-Arthritis (specifically ankles: both)
My intended reference (2) for comments relates to three issues of treatment
in middle to old age, limited to osteo (not rheumatoid) arthritis and
specifically to ankles.

(1)     {*filter*}:  symptoms may be alleviated eg. by aspirin derivative or
similar prescription {*filter*} such as Voltarol and the side-effects largely
avoided by ingesting with cooking.net">food and other {*filter*} eg. Cytotec so as to
prevent or alleviate incipient ulcers.

        Question: What are the known/suspected longer term effects of
                  such {*filter*} (including Cytotec) over say 6 months, 1
                  year, 5 years or ten years or more?

(2)     Exercise: Studies exist suggesting that even for the elderly
some exercise (defined as 'appropriate', that is which does not stimulate
excessive inflammatory reaction) is beneficial.  

        Questions: (i) Are there any exercise studies/reports specifically
                   directed to ankles ? If so, please post or e-mail source
                   references/articles and I will post a summary.  I know of
                   research on elderly patients (mainly over 70 with osteo-
                   arthritis of the knee: weights training seemed helpful)
                   and stretching treatment by physiotherapist (on rugby union
                   player with damaged ankles: Simon Halliday), also current
                   research at Bristol University Rheumatology Department in
                   UK under Professor Dieppe.

                   (ii) Are there any books/pamphlets describing specific
                   exercises (not simply walking - often painful - or just
                   swimming: eg. walking chest deep in the swimming pool is
                   surprisingly effective as both exercise and an alleviating
                   treatment) ?

(3)     Physiotherapy: While physiotherapy (in my experience) does help to
ameliorate symptoms, the real help seems to be in the gradual stretching of
muscles and tendons and increase in mobility of the affected joint, if at
all possible. That can also be done by exercises.

        Questions: (i) What other self-treatments assist in alleviating or
                   the development of arthritic inflammation and associated
                   oedema and lymphatic deterioration ? For example, hot
                   water and ice pack applications do give relief, but are
                   they effective or merely cosmetic ?          

                   (ii) What daily self-help regime would a physiotherapist
                   recommend -

                        (a) generally, for the ankle-challenged immobile ?

                        (b) specifically, for the same but for their
                        problem ankles ?

The main thrust of my enquiry is directed to self-help (no {*filter*} and daily
exercise).  All suggestions welcome - other than diets (slimming is obviously
a good idea, quaere weird diets).

John Bertin

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Fri, 20 Oct 1995 20:55:51 GMT
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