RAST II Allergy Tests 
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 RAST II Allergy Tests

> I am looking for information regarding a type of allergy test known
> as RAST II.  Is this an accurate test?  Is it better than the
> "back-scratch" method?  Has anyone had any experience with this
> test?

You bet it is. RAST is an immunoassay of antibodies in your {*filter*}stream,
specific to particular antigens that you may be allergic to. It is
performed from a {*filter*} sample, and is therefore considerably more
comfortable for the patient.

RAST begins by doing one assay that covers a wide spectrum of antigens,
to try and narrow down the "type" of things you are allergic to. Then,
they run another assay with perhaps 30-40 different antigens from the
category(ies) that you are sensitive to. Based upon the antibody counts,
an antigen mixture can be made up that contains a mix of the antigens
you are allergic to, inversely proportional to the antibody count. This
results in a mixture that is much more accurately "tuned" to your
allergic problem than one based upon the size of a skin reaction. In
addition, it would be pure hell to test for as many antigens as they are
able to with RAST.

I had a RAST test done several years ago for extreme pollen allergies. I
have been getting shots for 2 years now, and have achieved satisfactory

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