Martian berries/BV coming out of meteorite 
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 Martian berries/BV coming out of meteorite

Martian berries/BV coming out of meteorite

Forget about the method I previously mentioned about exposing {*filter*}
vessel remains from meteorites, for I have found the following best
method for exposing {*filter*} vessels from iron meteorites:

Method: Simply immerse an iron meteorite in tap water for 1 week.

Result: Numerous fossilized remains of {*filter*} vessels will come out
from the cavities/cracks of the iron meteorites. You can confirm the
result by looking for them through a magnifier/microscope of over 60X.

Material: Note the kind of meteorites used in this method should be
iron meteorites, rather than stony meteorites. Only iron meteorites
show dramatic results from 1-week immersion in water.

Important note: before immersing the iron meteorites in water, polish
its sufaces with sandpaper in order to remove any coatings on its
surfaces. Meteorite sellers always coat something on iron meteorites
in order to prevent iron meteorites from rusting in the open
air.Evidence will be posted here soon.

Special note: You had better choose iron meteorites that have not been
sliced or cut, because thin slices of iron meteorites are less able to
produce Martian blueberries or {*filter*} vessel remains. Before immersing
the meteorite in the tap water, remember to wash clean the whole
meteorite in order to remove possible contaminants.

Evidence: Following figures, especially Figure 5, show {*filter*} vessel
remains coming out of newly-cut surface of an iron meteorite that has
been immersed in water for 1 week.

Figure 1: Iron meteorite (Meteorite 1) immersed in water

Figure 2: Martian berries and {*filter*} vessel remains coming out of

Figure 3: Complete look of {*filter*} vessel remains in one area

Figure 4: 200X {*filter*} vessel remains mentioned in Figure 3

Figure 5: 320X awesome {*filter*} vessel remains of Figure 4

Figure 6: Martian berry containing osteon fossil; fossilized BV
weathered for 8 years

Figure 7: A Martian berry surrounded by fossilized osteons

Figure 8: 800X red {*filter*} cell remains trapped in {*filter*} vessels

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