Asthma, use of nebuliser 
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 Asthma, use of nebuliser


> bad before we called the GP.  Now we call straight away, and his
> Nebuliser keeps it in check.

My two year old daughter has infection induced asthma.  She had been
on Ventolin syrup and some other {*filter*}medication, but her last bad
attack still sent us to the doctor three times in one day for
nebuliser treatments.  These worked well for about four hours, then
needed to be repeated.  At the end of the day we were told that we
could either buy a nebuliser or she would have to be hospitalized
so she could keep getting them every four hours.  We bought one
($150) and kept the attack in check for the next few days until
it subsided.  We no longer use any {*filter*}medication (the Dr. has
us keep it on hand, just in case he thinks we may need it).  When-
ever she has even the hint of an attack the doctor wants us to
give her a treatment without delay (beleive me -- we do!).  This
has completely kept us out of the office.  The difference in her
response to {*filter*}medication and the inhalation of the nebulised
Ventolin is remarkable.

As it turned out, insurance paid for the prescribed nebuliser, but
we bought it before we knew that and would have gladly bought it
anyway.  It's lots nicer to effectively treat her at home rather
than delay getting to the doctor's office or hospital.  Plus, her
attacts are more mild when treated right away.

I am very thankful that she responds well to this, and that her
doctor suggested that we get our own nebuliser.

Another helpful item for us is our own stethoscope to listen for
wheezing in the lungs.  At two years, she can't tell us that it's
hard to breath.  If we are in doubt, we treat her, but the
stechoscope (along with practice using it when she is breathing okay)
helps us decide.

Jeff Mo, Vision-Ease MIS department, Optifacts division.  St. Cloud, MN, USA

UUCP: {crash tcnet}!orbit!pnet51!vemis

Fri, 28 May 1993 23:25:02 GMT
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