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 Psychology & Support Mailing-List Pointer

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Psychology & Support                                  By: John M. Grohol
Mailing List Pointer

This Pointer will help you find mailing lists that are available on the
Internet.  It is provided as a public service.

 * New, easier to read and use format!
 * Coming soon!! The Grohol Mental Health WWW Page.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to use this pointer:

 * Mailing lists are listed in alphabetical order, by topic.
 * After each topic is an example of the command you might
   send to subscribe to that particular mailing list. Most
   of these commands will work as listed.
 * You subscribe to a mailing list by sending email to the
   subscription address listed for each mailing list.
   Typically, you send a one-line email message
   (leave the subject heading blank) to this address
   which includes the words:

               subscribe NAME-OF-LIST

 * Sometimes your name or email address is also required
   after the name-of-list. If so, you will probably receive
   an automated reply from the mailing list server.
   When known, it is indicated in the below listing as:
      N = Your name   or   E = Your email address
 * Sometimes you will be sending email to a real person,
   not some software that will automatically process
   your request; or, sometimes a person will have to
   approve your request before you can subscribe.
 * If nothing else works, send a one-line email message
   with the word "help" in it.

Comments & suggestions for additions are always welcome!

Question on...            Subscription address:          Subscribe...
------------------------  -----------------------------  ---------------

Bipolar disorder


Moods & madness,

Psyche Journal

Psychology Graduate

N = Your name; E = Your email address

   This Pointer is freely distributable to  any  other mailing list,
   newsgroup,  or  network  service provider  as  long as it remains
   fully intact. Copyright 1995 John M. Grohol. All rights reserved.

   Send comments/questions/suggestions regarding this Pointer to the
   author (replying to this message should work).   Do *not* include
   this Pointer in your reply, or it may not be read.
 John M. Grohol                     Co-moderator sci.psychology.research
                               Assistant Editor, InterPsych Newsletter
                           Founder of over a dozen Usenet newsgroups

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