Low Iron Linked to Hair Loss 
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 Low Iron Linked to Hair Loss


Low Iron Linked to Hair Loss
      Aimee Amodio
   by Aimee Amodio | More from this Bld about losing your hair? New
research say
s that there may be a
   connection between baldness and iron deficiency!

   Research published over the last forty years indicates that there may
   be a relationship between iron deficiency and some common kinds of
   hair loss. And people may need higher levels of iron than previously
   thought to be able to regrow hair. Researchers from the Cleveland
   Clinic hope that detecting and treating iron deficiencies in the
   stages of hair loss may help patients regrow hair more effectively.

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   Believe it or not, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional
   deficiency in the world. Improper diet and excessive {*filter*} loss can
   leave you with an iron deficiency.

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