Science does not change with the compass (was: herbal utility) 
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 Science does not change with the compass (was: herbal utility)



> Western science you mean?

And what, pray tell, is "non-Western science"?

The essence of science does not change with the compass points.
Unless a field adheres to *theory* that can be empirically
tested, it is simply *not* science.  

There are, of course, different traditions in different regions.
The Germans practice medicine different from the English; the
French practice physics different from the Americans; etc.
Given respect for science in the *theory*, the *practice* in a
field is also determined by a host of cultural values and social
traditions that are largely orthogonal to whether or not a field
has a scientific theory.

The notion that herbs have any medical efficacy outside of
their biochemical constituents is not science.  Whether this
notion is associated with a western or eastern tradition does
not matter.  What matters is that there is no empirical
evidence for it.  Homeopathy arose in the west.  It is not
science.  Its point of origin does not bless it.

Science is *not* a matter of where a notion arose, it does *not*
concern what manners and social values are part of practice
(unless these conflict with empirical theory), and it little
respects national and geographic boundaries.  It cares only that
theoretical understanding is empirically founded.  


Thu, 21 Jul 1994 01:46:15 GMT
 Science does not change with the compass (was: herbal utility)
But funding sure does, and funding whether public or private largely determines
where the mighty _canon_ of science is aimed.

Another hazard of beer drinking.  Beer keg explodes in man's refrigerator,
takes off head (presumably both the beer's and the man's) in Ketchum ID.

Sat, 23 Jul 1994 07:34:34 GMT
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