Attention: All Doctors and/or Health Care Professionals 
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 Attention: All Doctors and/or Health Care Professionals

I am posting this for a friend of mine.  He doesn't really know what the net
is.  I committed myself to helping him so please be kind in your flames.

Here goes...

>>> A.G.Edwards&Sons,Inc.
>>> Investments since 1887.
>>> Suite 100
>>> 21 Parker Plaza Building
>>> 2424 E. 21st Street
>>> Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114
>>> 918-747-9844

>>> May 5, 1994

>>> Attention:  All Doctors and/or Health Care Professionals

>>> Re: Investment Management

>>> I am a stock broker with 13 years of experience and I would like to work
>>> exclusively with doctors and health care professionals.  From what I have
>>> seen, my industry is very unprofessional in our prospecting efforts towards
>>> your industry.  On the other hand, doctors are often to busy to manage their
>>> own investments.  My questions are:
>>> 1. How can I professionally market my services to your industry?
>>> 2. What products are of most interest to doctors?
>>> 3. What do you expect from an investment broker?
>>> 4. Other than the doctor, who else will be involved in the decision making
>>>    process? (spouse, business manager, CPA, etc.)
>>> 5. How can I build relationships with these people?
>>>    - Doctor
>>>    - Spouse
>>>    - Business Manager
>>> 6. How can I build credibility?
>>> 7. What do you dislike about stock brokers?
>>> 8. What should I not do?
>>> 9. Who is my competition? Where do you invest now?
>>> 10.What other recommendations and/or advise do you have?

>>> Thank you for your input.  I promise I am not going to put you on a
>>> client hit-list.  I am only looking for input.

>>> Sincerely,

>>> James R. Eagleton, Jr.
>>> Vice President -- Investments

If you have gotten this far, send Jim some mail ... The old fashioned way!


Mon, 28 Oct 1996 07:32:38 GMT
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