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        My question is about premature arteriosclerosis in a 56 yr old
man with {*filter*} and diabetes problems.  He's always had a very bad
temper, but lately his fuse seems to be getting shorter and he looks
capable of being {*filter*}.  He talks wild.  I know that sometimes these
outbursts are complicated by the {*filter*}, but other times they are not.
His surgeon who operated on him for abdominal aneurysm 15 years ago said
that this arteriosclerosis could become a problem with a person like
him who is so stubborn and domineering.  Is this what is happening?
I cannot get him to speak frankly with a doctor.  I have talked to his
doctor but if the man refuses to be treated and will not admit that this
is happening, what do you do.  He insists that I exaggerate or even
instigate his outbursts.  He is blaming everyone around him for his
outbursts.  We frankly have been under some stress with a move to another
home which is not turning out how he expected, but nothing can justify
his behavior.
Could this man be dangerous or is he simply just "crowing".  I reall
would like to know what to expect here - the stress is not helping me

Sun, 22 Oct 1995 21:56:19 GMT
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