need physician for bone rotting 
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 need physician for bone rotting

I'm in need of a physician who can diagnose my bone problem.  I have had two
x-rays done, a CBC, and a bone scan.  I kinnda already know what the problem
is but need some help trying to cure the problem if possible.

The problem might be terminal without surgery starting from today, but I
need someone to tell me what sort of lifestyle changes I should expect
during the next remaining ten years.  Is there a place people can go where
they can lay on their stomach and are brought food?  It's going to be
impossible to sit, walk, or stand and there doesn't seem to be such a thing
in the U.S.

Anyhow, I'm not a doctor so am not certain about whether the problem is
subacute or chronic and even if the problem is chronic it should be
worthwhile to try to cure the cause.

One question about bone necrosis that I have is if necrotic bone is similar
to gangrene--that is, if there is necrotic bone then does the bone next to
the dead bone also turn dead?

I'm currently in California.

Possibly-terminally-ill Manmohan "Rotting Bone" Aulakh

Thu, 06 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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