look for contact to radiologists and gynaecologists 
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 look for contact to radiologists and gynaecologists

Sorry, I vergot the headline at first.
I am a graduate student in biomedical engeneering at the Technical University of
 Ilmenau in Thuringia, Germany.
On part of my work for my PH.D. is to make a finite-element-model of an abdomen
of a pregnant woman in the time of late pregnancy. This model will be the basis
for the theoretical evaluation of new methods for the examination of suppling
the uterus of a pregnant woman with {*filter*}.
Therefore I need to know specifics about the anatomical structure of the entire
abdomen during late pregnancy. A series of CT- or MNR-images or a book which
contains such images would be of greathelp.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find such images here. That's my problem.

If you have an interest in working together with me or see a way to help me,

I would be grateful for your time.

In the hope of many contacts


                                                                  671 261  

Fri, 20 Oct 1995 16:12:35 GMT
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