Selecting OB/GYN - Interview questions 
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 Selecting OB/GYN - Interview questions

      SUBJECT: Questions to ask an OB/GYN during an initial interview

        Having recently learned that my wife is pregnant (for the first time),
both of us (well, me actually) are duly anxious (panic-stricken?).  Evidently,
we need to establish a long-term relationship with a competent OB/Gyn, with
whom both of us will be comfortable.  I suppose it is time to go out and
interview those that are listed on my company's health plan.

PURPOSE OF EVALUATING AN OB/GYN during the first interview?  We would like to
be able to make the best possible choice based on the responses to those
questions (and other intangible aspects of the interview, I am sure).  
        Since, I suppose that I will be paying fees for every visit, including
the initial interview, I'd like to know from those of you who may have gone
through this, how many interviews would you consider to be a "reasonable"
        (2) What other kinds of preparation (books, seminars, exercises,
financial planning, reservation of facilities <whatever they may be>) do you
think we should consider at this time?
        (3)  This being the end of the first month of the pregnancy, when
would be a good time (in terms of which month of pregnancy it is) to begin
interviewing pediatricians?

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your wisdom.    - Jhinuk.

Jhinuk Chowdhury

University of North Texas

Sun, 13 Mar 1994 07:50:59 GMT
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