Getting into Med School..HELP!! 
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 Getting into Med School..HELP!!

Hey everyone,

Here is my story...

I am 28, am getting a BS in CS this fall, my gpa is 2.7, I have two felony
convictions (bank fraud) that happened 8 years ago...

I have as yet, not taken the mcat or any of the core bio and chem classes...

I figure it will take me one year to get the prereqs....

My question I stand to get into a med school? Does my 'colorful' past
kill my chances?  I've been squeaky clean since by the way...

And, I make over 80K a year as a computer applications I am
not some criminal 'type'...Just stupid back then...

Any CONSTRUCTIVE help would be appreciated...what are the 'easiest' schools
to get into...I don't care about the school's reputation..just accreditation.
How should I deal with the interview?

Thanks! :)

The Punisher

P.S.  Please answer through site has weird news delays...Thanks! :)

Sun, 27 Apr 1997 05:02:59 GMT
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