Short sight question 
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 Short sight question

        Why do people having short sight see things that are
close magnified without their glasses ?

Tue, 08 Sep 1992 09:20:31 GMT
 Short sight question

Muttiah) writes:

 RS>        Why do people having short sight see things that are
 RS>close magnified without their glasses ?

The nearsighted person has a "near point" that is close to the eyes. All images
with nearpoints that close are enlarged. If glasses are worn the image becomes

Leo Bores, M.D.

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Sat, 12 Sep 1992 11:42:05 GMT
 Short sight question

>    Why do people having short sight see things that are
>close magnified without their glasses ?

We don't. Like everybody else, we see things far away as smaller
(smaller subtended angle) and things that are closer as bigger. But
because we can see things closer than the normal sighted, we gain the
benefit of seeing them even bigger.

Confusion is caused by the fact that our glasses, if held away from the
eyes, make things look smaller. But this is not what happens when the
lenses are correctly sited, they simply change the focus. The correct
site is on the cornea, i.e., contact lenses. Hence the short-sighted
spectacle wearer has to put up with a residual diminishing effect, which
is exaggerated the further the glasses slip down the nose. But you
probably didn't want to know all this...

Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2QL, UK

Mon, 14 Sep 1992 01:25:22 GMT
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