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There is no official way of diagnosing "Psychosomatic".

Conventional science has, however, indicated the following:

When the data of the brain is excessively polluted, the "crisis
centre", or amygdala, is actuated.

The muscles freeze. Movement becomes impossible.

Rational thought is suspended.

The eyes begin to weep with self-pity. Nobody understands, after all,
nobody else has that same data in the brain.

The teeth begin to gnash. There is NO WAY of removing data from the
brain, so this is a reflex-action of bitter regret.

The various pituitary glands are activated WRONGLY due to wrong data.
The hormone spectrum is distorted, and thus the {*filter*} chemistry such
as the minerals and sugar go out of balance.

Death ensues. This PSYCHOSOMATIC DEATH was described in ancient times
as "Last Judgement". It is a SELF-judgement, and it is the LAST that
the victim makes.

It is incurable.

It cannot be evaded. The victim has nowhere to run to escape the

Charles Douglas Wehner

Sat, 10 Jun 2006 01:49:01 GMT
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