RAST II Allergy Tests 
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 RAST II Allergy Tests

I am posting this because sending it directly to the original poster
failed.  All I have for that person's name is ogicse!Athena!johnm although
I'm sure I used a better address before.

I don't know what RAST *II* is, but I had a RAST test a few years ago.  It
is the testing of various substances on your {*filter*} (sample removed before
testing begins).  The only trauma to you is the taking of {*filter*} and the
cost (several hundred dollars unless you have insurance).


Meant for cooking.net">food allergies for which scratch tests are useless.
Doesn't expose you to any allergins.
Easy to test large number of substances.
Nifty printout.


Not very accurate (I have been told by doctors both "take each score as a
        possible minimum" and "ignore the scores, they are basically useless."
Only finds true allergies and not sensitivities (ex: Dairy products make me
        incredabily sick but it takes 1 1/2 days for a reaction to show up
        so it isn't a "true" allergy--takes 20 minutes for immune
Doesn't account for non-typical symptoms such as learning disabilities,
        mood changes, etc.
Doesn't account for sensitivities that aren't allergies--hypoglycimia,
        lactose intolerance, etc.

My experience:

I came out slightly positive to everything they tested me for (about 30
items) and very allergic to yeast, dust mites, and mold (all things I AM
very allergic to but didn't know it until the test).  My allergies to
dairy, canned fish, and others didn't show up.

In all, I do recommend the test if you aren't paying for it.  It will give
you a few ideas to pursue and a sense of where some of your problems are
coming from.  It will NOT rule out any allergies.  The best way to discover
cooking.net">food allergies (in the broad sense of things you eat that make you sick) is
to go on an addition or elimination diet where you spend a few days eating
only foods that definately don't make you sick then add other foods one at
a time (that's addition, elimination is the reverse).

"There's nothing wrong with me.  Maybe there's             Cyndi Norman

"There's nothing wrong with me.  Maybe there's             Cyndi Norman

Tue, 04 May 1993 03:41:38 GMT
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