Any Interest in a Mailing List on Epilepsy and Seizures? 
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 Any Interest in a Mailing List on Epilepsy and Seizures?

I have seen a fair bit of traffic recently concerning Epilepsy and
seizures.  I am also interested in this subject -- I have a son with
Epilepsy and I am very active with the local association.  I posted a
message like this a few months ago and received no replies, but here it
is again.

Is anyone interested in participating in a mailing list on Epilepsy and
seizures?  This would allow us to hold discussions and share
information via electronic mail.  I already run a Listserver for two
other groups, so the mechanics would be easy.

If you are interested, mail me a note.  If I get enough replies, I will
make it happen and provide you with the details.

BTW, I have also started a database on Epilepsy.  This is part of my
research on natural language question answering systems.  Users of this
service are able to ask questions about Epilepsy and the program
searches the database and retrieves its best response.  The technology
works by comparing your question against a set of questions that have
been seen before.  All new questions that are not answered are recorded
and used to improve the system.

This database is still small and sparse, but we are adding new
information.  To try it out, do the following

        login: chat

        Then select the Epilepsy item from the menu of databases.

Andrew Patrick, Ph.D.       Communications Research Centre, Ottawa, CANADA

  For a good time, run "telnet" and login as "chat".

Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:57:01 GMT
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