Cardizem reaction 
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 Cardizem reaction

I'm curious about a reaction a friend had to Cardizem recently. This person
has hypertension (quite high), is taking Vasotec 40 mg/day and Moduretic,
one every two days. A physician prescribed Cardizem 240 mg. (1/day) to
be added to the regimen as the BP readings had still been very high. The
patient began adding the Cardizem, but experienced profound feelings of
dizziness, disorientation, and fuzzy-headedness, and stopped taking Cardizem
after 1-1/2 weeks. Even after stopping the med, she has continued to
feel similar, if somewhat diminished, symptoms. Does anyone have any idea
as to what might have happened?

- Janet

Tue, 06 May 1997 04:49:20 GMT
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