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I am interested in contacting patients who have been diagnosed with
Hypoparathyroidism, a disease of the parathyroid glands that affects the
bodies ability to metabolize calcium, among other things.  I was
diagnosed in 1968, after experiencing symptoms since I was about eight or
nine years old. I am forty six now, and three of my five sons have been
similarly diagnosed, and a fourth son looks like he may be developing
some clinical symptoms (he is ten years old).  

I have started a newsletter and am trying to get a support group of sorts
started for HPTH patients and their families. Currently, I am
participating in a long term protocol study at the National Institutes of
Health, Bethesda, Maryland.  Two of my sons are participating as well.

Please respond to:

James E. Sanders
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Wed, 09 Jul 1997 04:36:18 GMT
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