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 Chelation for heart b

BABETTE BLOCH said to ALL  on 04/18/95:

BB>If arteries are so badly clogged that angioplasty can not help,
BB>perhaps the only recourse at that moment, especially if no damage to
BB>the heart has taken place yet., is bypass surgery.  However, after
BB>this is done, it is my understanding that many people continue to
BB>clog up their vessels and additional bypass surgery may be necessary.

BB>We now have three friends who have had bypass surgery.

BB>Personally, I suspect that chelation might be a better early
BB>intervention/preventive technique than a substitute for surgery at
BB>the moment someone has a heart attack and they find severely clogged

If this is your belief, you should help design a clinical trial rather
than quote anecdotes to buttress your statements.

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Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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