treatment for frequent nose bleeds 
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 treatment for frequent nose bleeds

This is probably related to the extreme skin/membrane dryness most
Accutane users experience. You might try a product called "AYR" nasal
spray. Or, if you can reach the spot where the bleed occurs (perhaps
with a cotton swab) "AYR" nasal gel would be even more effective (stays
put longer.) If you use the gel, use very little at a time. There are
other saline nasal sprays available, but most tend to be more irritating
than "AYR." Gel version is about $3.

Steve RPh


> Hello,

> I would like to know your opinion on the bestway to treat frequent nose
> bleeds while using Accutane.
> Please refer any doctor, drug, ointment or alternative treatments that you
> have seen worked.

Wed, 23 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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