Legal cases Insc Co. vs. AIDS 
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 Legal cases Insc Co. vs. AIDS

This probably should go to, but am having problems
getting through to them.  Any responces should be e-mailed to me at
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> From Caller Thu Jan 11 19:33:14 1990
> Subject: Legal Cases Insurance Co vs. Aids Patient

We have a family member back east who has died from the AIDS virus.
Insurance was taken out before aids was diagnosed, however there
is a shady area regarding validity of Antibody test as precedence
for rejection of insurance claim.  Would appreciate any/all references
for past court cases and or policy from various companies, including
"fool proof" questions regarding the "antibody test".  Is it not so
that many people who have tested positive with antibodies may still
live long lives and never succumb.  Thanks for your help, whoever.
                               LA CALLER.
AIDS INFORMATION EXCHANGE BBS      (214) 247-2367/247-5609
               "Education is the best weapon"

Tue, 30 Jun 1992 13:02:47 GMT
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