The history of ilena rose 
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 The history of ilena rose

Rough Timeline for Ilena/Resume/as provided by her an records

EST Graduate (7)(11)

Dating Service Business, Werner(EST) upstairs neighbor (8)


Occupation--Marketing Concepts/R E Sales

Miracles ETC, DBA ilena  won't say what miracles she provided liver cleanse?

Pandora's Products, DBA owned by ilena and Zaffuto({*filter*}sex and {*filter*}
expert) (2)

Selling Counterfeit Bill Detectors on Net (3)

Selling Pepper Spray on the Net (4)

Selling warped Serenity prayers available on most anything on the net (6)(10)

Director of Humantics Foundation which worked without proper paperwork for a
long time  in California + Ms. Ilena Rose/Rosenthal, used a tax I.D. that
belongs to another organization, {*filter*} N'Trouble &Calvary Ranch For Boys before
changing to {*filter*}s  and without proper disclosure

Bar Waitsperson (5)

Waitress (5)

Caines? (9)

Ilena states, "Thank God I'm an atheist.(12)
       Ilena Rose"

(11)Abstracts of Articles in Psychological Journals
concerning est and The Forum

David Shy's House of Knoweledge
By David Shy
     Psychiatric disturbances associated with Erhard Seminars Training:
     I. A report of cases.      L. L. Glass, M. A. Kirsch and F. N. Parris.
     American Journal of Psychiatry 1977;134(3):245-7.
     Erhard Seminars Training (est) is a large-group experience that is
becoming widely available in this country. This is the first case report in the
professional literature of psychiatric disturbance following est training. Five
patients, only one of  whom had a history of psychiatric disturbance, developed
psychotic symptoms including grandiosity, paranoia, uncontrollable mood swings,
and delusions. Further work is necessary to ascertain the factors that
determine outcome in
(11b)Information about est from Ilena Rose:  (Erhard Seminars Training)
========================== from Kathy Diemer Question: I've heard about this
est...does anyone know what it is? Answer: est was the acronym for Erhard
Seminars Training. I believe it is still around by another name, in a slightly
different format. It was one of the more popular of the "self-realization"
move- ments. Being an est grad myself, I look back on it now as being "hammer
Zen"...that is to say, many of the "ah-ha!" feelings and ideas that come
through a lengthy Zen practice, distilled into two weekends of intense
"training". It consisted of harangues by the trainer (intended to get you off
of your personal BS sob story that runs your life when your life isn't
working), group "sharing" (taking the microphone and talking about something
you experienced), and guided meditations. It was founded by Werner Erhard, a
former insurance salesman who got into the human potential movement. Those of
us who remember the 70s recall the "horror stories" about est...that they would
lock you in a room for 2 days and not let you pee. Totally untrue! I did not
like a lot of the marketing tactics once one had completed The Training, to say
the least. But The Training itself was very valuable to me in my searching.
------------------------------------------------- More information on est from
Ilena Rose: Est is now called "The Forum" and the basic philosophy is pretty
similar tho with less stringent tactics. One of the greatest lessons taught is
taking responsibility - full tilt boogie responsibility - for all that happens
in our lives. God bless JD.
(1) MIRACLES ETC ROSENTHAL ILENA 1994012982 19940707
FBN #1994012982 Details
Primary Business Name MIRACLES ETC Number of Businesses 001 Business Name
MIRACLES ETC Number of Owners 001 Owner ROSENTHAL ILENA Filing Date
(CCyy/MM/DD) 19940707 Expiration Date(CCyy/MM/DD) 19990707

(2) PANDORA'S PRODUCTS " 1995003629 19950224
FBN #1995003629 Details
Primary Business Name  PANDORA'S PRODUCTS
Number of Owners  002
Owner   ZAFFUTO A.A.
Filing Date (CCyy/MM/DD) 19950224
Expiration Date(CCyy/MM/DD)  20000224


Date: 1995/11/30

organization: CONNECTnet Internet Network Services


           Date: 1995/11/30

     Organization: CONNECTnet Internet Network Services (service provider)

#1/1 *++++*PEPPER SPRAY*++++*
Great product - just now legal in California - can wholesale or retail!Great
mover !

(5) Subject: O'Brien's

Date: 1997/09/29

Newsgroups: sdnet.eats
Jim just re-opened O'Briens ~ 4646 Convoy just north of Balboa.Happy Hour
~ come in for Monday nite football and
ask for me ~ Ilena Rose


Subject: (no subject)
Newsgroups: biz.general
Date: 1995/09/12
Dear Friends,
I truly believe that humor is one of the greatest tools
in dealing with life... Have you heard this version of the beautiful and
inspiring Serenity Prayer? Most of us have had these thoughts at one time
or another (or daily!!!)   God,   Grant me the serenity to accept the things I
change,   The courage to change the things I can,
   And . . .   ... the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I
had to kill  because they pissed me off!!!
I have this saying (attractively displayed) on T-shirts,
sweats, and mugs.People even stop me on the street and in restaurants
and shopping malls asking where to get my T-shirt. Their stories of what
inspired them to stop and ask me are a book in the making!
Please contact me if you would like information on how
to order (retail or wholesale).
My best regards,
Ilena Rose

Subject:My greatest teachers

Date:Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:17:55 GMT

**Gee Ilena, are you a graduate?  (est)
**Any others out there?
**Thanks for a lovely walk down memory lane,
thanks for asking, coleah. gave me a nice memory stroll,

(7) i did take est in 1979 on the request of my precious,
almost ex husband. it was the best thing we could have
done for our marriage.
we were able to leave it as bestest
friends, each taking full responsibility for our parts in
it all, and we maintain a close friendship to date.
his daugher, marina calls me "daddy's other wife"
when i visit them.
the new years eve directly following our est training,
we mediatated in the new year together and blessed
each other's new directions.
his took him to a zen monastery for a while, which was
wonderful to explore.

 (8) a few years later, werner was actually my upstairs
neighbor in marin county where i was in the dating
service business.

i've been laughing with some friends, how the ss
will have her spy, snoop & stalking cut out for her
if she chooses to attempt to defile anyone i've ever
learned from or read or laughed with.

some of my greatest teachers, with the hardest lessons
of all, have been the following:
   adoph hitler
   susan & don schaezler
   my ex don (who i call now call dow)
sure hope you're feeling better coleah.
much love,
 ------------------- Headers --------------------

Subject: My greatest teachers

(9) Subject: Re: dope

Date: 1996/06/09

** To every drug there is a**use, and a season. A time to take, and a time to
refrain from taking.
**Coulda been a verse from Ecclesiastes or a song by the Byrds.**** Steve
Harris, M.D. Dr. H.

Do you feel this is true for crystal, {*filter*}e and {*filter*} (assuming there are
other ...caines
available)? Ilena Rose
Case No:   DV002803
Case Type:
Date:      /  /
County:    sandiego

(10) Date: 1995/12/15
and for some humour,
 here's my ***Slightly Twisted*** Serenity Prayer - inspired by many things,
including this
important issue - Silicone Poisoning From {*filter*} Implants.

                Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,
                The courage to change the things I can,
                And . . .

               . . . the wisdom to hide the bodies
                of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off!

(12) The alt.atheism Atheist/Agnostic list
  SpeedyFAQ - Versione Italiana
  Why? All started in early 1997 when someone (Jim Nichols, Atheism vs. God,
Mar 17   1997)
said that atheists, on the 'net, are only 10. This list started as a reaction
to that   affirmation. As a
side effect, the list forced someone (I am in that number) to stop lurking  
and join a.a, becoming
habitual poster. The list was never intended as a homologation of the   "True
  Who did it? Michelle Malkin. Thank you!
  Is it still running? Yes, it is; the highest number I saw was over 1350.
  How can I obtain one of these #s? Post the request on alt.atheism, with your
your philosophic position (strong/weak atheist, agnostic), your year of birth,
 country and
gender. You'll be contacted. That's all.
                      (updated 01.19.98)
      If you want to know more about atheism, click here
Name (or nickname),SA/WA/AG,Year of birth,Country,Gender
  (SA = Strong Atheist, WA = Weak Ath., AG = Agnostic)
Go to: 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200
*The alt.atheism Atheist/Agnostic List*
1. Michelle Malkin A 1947 USA F
2. Erikc Ag USA M
3. Peter Walker A M
4. Crnivall
5. Capella A 1957 USA M
6. Craig Pennington A 1965 USA M
7. Mongo76 A 1963 USA M
8. Bob Haynes USA M
edited out names between 8 & 738
738. Janet Griffin A F
739. Ian Samuels
740. Ilena Rose

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