Fine Grain Magnetic Stimulation of Central Nervous System 
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 Fine Grain Magnetic Stimulation of Central Nervous System

This is a serious request with a possible opportunity for collaboration on the
submission of a joint NIH/NSF/DoD grant proposal.

Recent experiments have demonstrated the feasibility of functional stimulation
of human motor cortex without penetration of the skull.  Some experiments used
a 500 Hz, damped, sinusoidal magnetic field (peak amplitude 4 T; decaying to
approximately 0.4 T after 20 ms) produced by a pole piece approximately 25 mm
in diameter.  Other experiments used a flat coil 9 cm in diameter generating a
magnetic field of 2 T with a peak at 150 usec.  These stimulation protocols
generally employed a single isolated stimulator with a low pulse repetition
rate (less than 1 pulse / 3 secs).  Stimulation about a single point in motor
cortex generally induced movement in the appropriate peripheral muscle system.
In other words, a single time varying 2 to 4 T magnetic field can induce some
coarse muscle movements.  However, fine grained magnetic arrays capable of
generating fine grained complex movements are not yet available.

I am curious about whether it would be possible to construct a large system of
stimulators arranged in a grid or honeycomb configuration that could generate
a fine matrix of magnetic fingers extending from the surface of the head deep
into the sulci and gyri of the cerebral cortex.  Such a matrix would be useful
for stimulating cortical regions with a complex pattern of functional inputs.
For example, fine grained stimulation of motor cortex would support complex
diagnostic studies of the cortical basis of movement disorders over a longer
time than is possible using the present intraoperative electrical stimulation

I would appreciate any email designs, speculations, or references to available
literature on designing grid like arrays of individually controllable magnetic
fingers.  Please consider all possibilities ... cost is not presently an issue.
I am primarily interested in learning about how such a system might work.

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      A. J. Annala
      Neuroscience Program
      Hedco Neuroscience Building, Room 534A
      University of Southern California
      Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520

      (213)743-3250 (office) / (213)743-3246 (lab)

Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter.

Thanks again, AJ Annala


Barker, A. T. et al.  Magnetic Stimulation of the Human Brain and Peripheral
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Wed, 19 May 1993 09:25:00 GMT
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