basal ganlia - stroke 
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 basal ganlia - stroke

>looking for info about a stroke in the basal ganglia (right) area
>of the brain.  my mom just had one, they think that is where is
>was.  she is doing very well, but I want to know more about the
>basal ganglia and how it affects us.  

The basal ganglia are involved with muscle tone and motor programming.
Degenerative diseases of the basal ganglia, such as Parkinson's disease
and Huntington's disease, cause profound disturbances in motor

Strokes in which the damage is restricted to the basal ganglia can
produce surprisingly little deficit. Asymptomatic infarcts in this area
are often seen on brain imaging. The most common neurologic deficit is
weakness and incoordination of the opposite side of the body, which is
not due to the basal ganglia damage per se as much as damage to the
pyramidal tract which is adjacent.

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