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 Homeopathic Remedies

Last week I was lucky enough to have all 4 of my wisdom
teeth removed.  The dentist prescribed Tylenol-3 for
the pain.  I found them to be effective  in the morning
when I first woke up, but during the day, they made me
drowsy, no matter what the dosage.
A co-worker gave me something called 'Ledum Palustre 6CH',
and instructed me to take 3 of the small, white spherical
granules three times daily.
The container made reference to the 'Homeopathic Physician'.
Checking homeopathy on my on-line Webster's yielded a
definition :
Word: homeopathy
ho-me-op-a-thy \,ho^--me^--'a^:p-e-the^-, ,ha^:m-e^--\ n
[G hom:oopathie, fr. hom:oo- home- + -pathie -pathy]
:a system of medical practice that treats a disease esp. by the administration
     of minute doses of a remedy that would in healthy persons
     produce symptoms of the disease treated
-- ho-meo-path \'ho^--me^--e-,path\ n

Can anyone give me more information regarding this method


Wed, 31 Jan 1996 02:18:31 GMT
 Homeopathic Remedies

>Word: homeopathy
>[snip snip]
>Can anyone give me more information regarding this method

                ^^^^^^                                  ^^^^^^^^

Boy, don't we wish :=(
Duck now, here comes the homeopath flame war.
Gee, if only pro-homeopaths would practice homeopathic
doses of usenet postings :==>


Odo is North, Spock is West, Data is South. What do you lead to 4Spades?

Sat, 03 Feb 1996 00:50:52 GMT
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