Virtual Reality and Disabilities 
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 Virtual Reality and Disabilities

                        Conference Information

California State University, Northridge (CSUN).  CSUN is sponsoring a
conference on "Virtual Reality and Persons with Disabilities," to be
held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, Thursday, June 17 and
Friday, June 18, 1993.  

The meeting is co-sponsored by Greenleaf Medical Systems, {*filter*}Edge
Journal, Pacific Bell, the California State Department of
Rehabilitation, the TRACE R&D Center at the University of Wisconsin,
and Trimble and Associates.  Dr. Walter Greenleaf, President, Greenleaf
Medical Systems is Conference Chairperson.

Features: CEO Panel with Walter Greenleaf, Greenleaf Medical Systems,
Tom Coull, Sense8, and David Johnson, TiNi Alloy.  

Demonstrations and Exhibits:  Interactive Brain Wave Analyzer, Gohsuke Takama,
Meta Sound Engineering, Tokyo, JAPAN; Brain Response Interface,
Erich Sutter, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco;
Eyegaze Computer System, Joseph LaHoud, LC Technologies, Fairfax, VA;
How Virtual Worlds are Built, Chuck Blanchard, Domain Simulations;
Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities, Gail Pickering,
California State University, Northridge; BioMuse - BioControl
Systems Technology, Anthony Lloyd, BioControl Systems, Palo Alto, CA;
GloveTalker, Greenleaf Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA; {*filter*}Edge Journal, Ben
Delaney, Sausalito, CA; Applications of World ToolKit, Peter Rothman,
Avatar Partners, Boulder Creek, CA; Pointing Keyboard and Tactile
Feedback System for Blind Computer Users, David Johnson, TiNi Alloy,
San Leandro, CA.

Invited Papers:

An Overview of VR and Disability
Ben Delaney, Publisher, {*filter*}Edge Journal and
Ed Rogers, California State Department of Rehabilitation

A Proposal for a Three-Dimensional Visual Programming
Language Based on Sign Language Constructs
John Lenarcic, Monash University, AUSTRALIA

Use of Networked VR to Assist People With Special Needs
Phil Smythe, BT, London, ENGLAND

Determining Physiological Effects of Using VR Equipment
Russell Eberhart, Research Triangle Institute, NC

Glove Talk for $100
Russell Eberhart, Research Triangle Institute, NC

Instrumented Gloves as Communication Devices
Walter Greenleaf, Greenleaf Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA

Artists Who Develop Virtual Reality Technologies and
Persons with Disabilities
Jutta Treviranus, Hugh MacMillian Rehabilitation Centre and
Derrick De Kerckhove, McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology,
Toronto, CANADA

Person Guidance System for the Visually Impaired Using GPS,
GIS, and VR Technologies
Jack Loomis, Reginald Golledge and Roberta Klatzky
University of California, Santa Barbara

CRIS - MAN: An Intuitive, Ergonomical and Natural VR Interface
Cayetano Cabanyes, REAL Road V. R. Systems, Orlando, FL

Gesture Recognition Using Statistical Similarity
Gregory Newby, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Virtual Reality, Human Evolution, and the World of Disability
Alexander Meisel, Cearnal Ehlen Architects, Santa Barbara, CA
Harris Meisel, Rehabilitation Institute at Santa Barbara, CA
C. Hugh Marsh, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Two Models for the Analysis of Applications and Barriers
to the Use of Virtual Reality by Persons with Disabilities
John Mendenhall and Gregg Vanderheiden, TRACE R&D Center,
University of Wisconsin

Virtual Reality Games for Teaching Conflict Management with
Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) and Learning Disabled
(LD) Children
Peter Rothman, Avatar Partners, Boulder Creek, CA and
Donna Oliver, The Mitchell School, San Jose, CA

Low Vision Enhancements
Robert Massof, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Intelligent Assistive Technologies
Phil Barry, Synetics, Vienna, VA; John Dockery, Defense
Information Systems Agency, Reston, VA; David Littman,
Datamat Systems Research, Clifton, VA

The DART Target System, Bowhunting Simulation and the
Physically Challenged
Elissa Tivona and David Young, Dart International,
Englewood, CO

The Enhancement of Interaction for People with Severe
Speech and Physical Impairment Through Computer Recognition
of Gesture and Manipulation
David Roy, A. I. du Pont Institute, Wilmington, DE; Marilyn
Panayi, London, UK; William Harwin, A. I. du Pont Institute,
and Robert Fawcus, City University, UK

User Interface Devices for Virtual Reality
Ann Lasko-Harvill, Domain Simulations, CA

Movement Development in Preschool Children with Visual

Michael Salcedo, Cypress, CA and Patricia Salcedo, Blind
Children's Learning Center, Santa Ana, CA

Matching Virtual Reality to Special Needs
Teresa Middleton, SRI, Menlo Park, CA

CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment
Drew Browning, University of Illinois, Chicago

Virtual Barrier Free Design ("Wheelchair VR")
John Trimble, Trimble and Associates, Chicago, IL

Virtual Reality: From the Concrete to the Barely Imaginable
Stephen Marcus, University of California, Santa Barbara

Virtual Learning Environment for Disabled Students: Modular
Assistive Technology for Physics Instruction
Kenneth Nemire, Adam Burke, and Rick Jacoby, Interface
Technologies, Capitola, CA

Biosignal Processing in VR Applications
R. Benjamin Knapp, BioControl Systems, Palo Alto, CA

Use of the Electromyogram in a Non-Machine Interface Scenario
William Putnam and R. Benjamin Knapp, San Jose State University, CA

A Promising Future for Applications of Virtual Reality to
Special Education "Best Practices"
Melissa Darrow, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Special Luncheon Presentation:

Virtual Reality and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Brenda Premo, Deputy Director, California Department of
Rehabilitation, Sacramento, CA (Friday, June 18)

Closing Remarks, "Future Directions,"  Dr. Walter Greenleaf,
Conference Chairperson

For a Preregistration Brochure and other information:

Dr. Harry Murphy
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street - DVSS
Northridge, CA 91330
Phone:   818 885 2578
FAX:     818 885 4929

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