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Dear people,
I have the following questions:

-i am looking for telex or data telephone numbers of universitis in the U.S.A.
and Great Britain.

-i am looking for software or scientific articles about anesthesiology.

-It is my wish to have contacts in the USA or/and GB concerned anesthesiology.

-I want to know datanet numbers in the USA and GB.

If you know answers please contact us.

Databank Anesthesiology
Datanumber 058-122512
Peter Kauffman
Groningerstraatweg 74
8921 TS Leeuwarden.

You can send your  answers to Nursenet or direct to our databank.
Greetings from Peter Kauffman ,sysop of databank Anesthesiology.

Uucp: ...{gatech,ames,rutgers}!ncar!asuvax!stjhmc!2!281!401.0!Peter.Kauffman

Sat, 08 May 1993 22:12:20 GMT
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